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As a Wiltshire based Locksmith, I work just about everywhere and help anyone and everyone. If you had a tracking device fitted to me, you would see me whizzing around all over the county getting people out of sticky situations.


This weekend I was in Bradford-upon-Avon along the canal, helping a canal boat owner who had some lock problems. I then went to Bath, over to Trowbridge and then back to Wick. I later traversed around Batheaston, Winsley and Frome. If you find yourself locked out, locked in, broken in or in any other tricky key situation; I am your man. Do not hesitate to get in touch for a fair rate and a fantastic service.

Wiltshire locksmith

Melksham is a historical town, which now has a thriving business centre and is a beautiful place to live, surrounded by the Wiltshire countryside. It is just down the road from where I am based and

I am happy to help out the people of Melksham when they are locked out!


We also offer surveys, consultation and advice for business and residential properties in Melksham. Due to the fact I am so close, it usually takes me no time to get you and help you out when you’re in a difficult situation, so make a note of my number and contact me when you need me.

Locksmith in Melksham

There is simply nothing worse than looking through your locked car window and seeing your keys sat happily and smugly inside the vehicle, whilst you, locked out, stare miserably in. As a slick and well experienced locksmith I can get you back into your car without causing any damage to the vehicle or lock.


I can remove a key that is stuck in the ignition and I can source a new car or van key for you and then change all of the mechanical combinations so that all the locks work on one key.

Car locksmith in Wiltshire

Think locksmiths only work on residential properties? Think again! I provide surveys, lock replacement and key cutting services for commercial properties in Trowbridge, Bath and the surrounding areas.


If you are an estate agent, solicitor or insurance company and would like to consider me to carry out contract work for clients, I am happy to discuss our rates and services with you.

Whether you’re locked out of your shop or want to ensure your offices comply with insurance standards, contact me and I'll be happy to help your business out.

Commercial Locksmith in Wiltshire